Our company was born out of a desire to see customer service improved in Trinidad and Tobago. That desire transformed as we saw the need to help people and companies become better at communication overall. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring that the right message is delivered, in the right way, across the right platforms, regardless of if that communication is happening online or in person.We are communications enthusiasts who believe that good communication makes the difference in having a brand that people like and one that people are committed to.
Akeela Marin and Kimiko Scott, the managing and executive directors of the company, share similar education backgrounds; AAS in Journalism/PR, BA Mass Communications, and MA Communication for Social and Behaviour Change. 
Akeela is an international award winning debater and public speaker. She has trained persons in communication in the United States, Barbados, Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. Kimiko has over seven years broadcasting experience in both the journalism and entertainment arenas. Between Akeela's ability to see the bigger picture and Kimiko's resourcefulness we guarantee the best options will be explored in finding solutions to your communication issues.