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We work with individuals and companies to enhance their communication skills and strategies. All of our services are tailored to your specific needs and the first consultation is always free.



Everything from the way a person is greeted to the way they feel after completing their transaction determines whether your business makes a sale or gains a customer. The difference in the two is that one is interested in a one-off transaction and the other fosters a long-term relationship with repeat business. We help you enhance your customers' experience whether through face-to-face, online, or phone interactions - converting one time purchasers into longstanding customers.


Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, especially because you’re bringing people from different backgrounds and temperaments to work together.
You can decrease the effects of workplace conflict by increasing team communication skills, and the skills of leaders to reduce and manage conflict. Conflict reduction in the workplace can improve employee productivity, increase employee motivation and loyalty, and reduce stress and absenteeism. 
Our training empowers your team members with a better understanding of how they communicate, how those around them communicate, and how to connect better with people to produce better results.

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We work with both seasoned managers and persons who were recently promoted to managerial positions, to help them use the right skills to motivate, energise and inspire your workforce. We equip managers with the skills they need to effectively communicate with staff at all levels and help them to navigate difficult conversations in such a way that they lead to employee development and improved performance. Once your mangers or supervisors are trained by us they will have toolboxes specific to their role within the organisation, giving them go-to resources, which ensures they always have the right answers to tough questions they will be expected to answer as a part of their role.


The key to maintaining a successful organisation is building strong teams that work together to keep the organisation functional. We work with teams to help them acquire the skills and confidence to transform difficult situations into positive ones. Our training is designed to ensure that negative issues or situations within your organisation don't become a distraction or keep the team from growing and flourishing. All our team building sessions are customised to ensure your organisation's needs are met. Training can range from multi-hour to multi-day sessions depending on your requirements. These can be indoor, outdoor, or a mix of both types of activities. These sessions are guaranteed to help your employees appreciate each other's strengths and make the team a stronger unit.

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With our background in Social and Behaviour Change Communication and our love for Monitoring and Evaluation, we are the perfect team to help you design, write, and edit your proposals. We also do design resumes, write reports, and edit official documents including academic papers.


The overall success of any project, programme, or initiative is rooted in the ability to plan ahead and carefully track whether goals are being met, the desired impact is being made, and the overall outcomes are achieved.
We develop and execute M&E strategies that help organisations learn from experiences, improve practices and activities, maintain accountability for resources used, and chart the results obtained. We help you make strategic decisions which are informed by data, and can lead to the improvement of your project or organisation. We can help you with the design all the way to the analysis of your data, and anything in between.

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Our training helps you understand which Social Media platforms are BEST suited for your business, how to generate and analyse reports, and how to create winning social media strategies inclusive of stellar content (no graphic design skills required). As content creators willing to do the necessary research, we also write articles and blog posts which are relevant to your industry and could give you an edge in the market.


Even the most competent employees can experience some nervousness when having to interact with the media. We equip persons with the ability to clearly and concisely define and deliver their key messages, prepare for and respond to difficult questions, and steer the interview in the direction they want. Our practical training also covers what to expect when you arrive at the studio and how to dress for on screen interviews. 
Ensuring that your organisation has media trained spokespersons positions you to interact with live audiences in compelling ways that causes people take notice of what you have to say. Media training develops your confidence in speaking with the media, and builds skills in using the correct words, tone, and body language to deliver messages in a powerful way.

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